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Our Fleet

Brussels Airlines operates a modern fleet of 44 aircraft to destinations in Europe, Africa and United States.


AVRO RJ85 – AVRO RJ100 – BAe 146

Number: 12

Some of our destinations in Europe are served by AVRO RJ100 aircraft. Brussels Airlines has about 12 Avro RJ100 at its disposal.

Airbus A319 & A320

Airbus A319

Number: 19

Some destinations in Europe and the Middle East are served by our Airbus A319 & A320 aircraft. Brussels Airlines has 14 A319 Airbuses, each with about 132 seats and 5 A320 Airbuses, each with about 168 seats.

Airbus A330

Airbus A330-300

Number: 8

Our African and American destinations are served by 5 A330-300 Airbuses and 3 A330-200 Airbuses.

Dash 8 Q400

Number: 5

Some European destinations are served by Dash 8 Q400.
Photography by Serge Bailleul